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The digital CMR


Dear relation,

Hereby we would like to give you more information about the developments in the digital cmr which meanwhile is guaranteed legal in the Netherlands.I.R.F. closely watches this and as soon as we will be technically ready for it we integrate this in the course of next year in our operational process.

The new online cmr managementsystem.
Transfollow is an online platform based on the new digital cmr which can be submitted online, exchanged, signed and followed. It replaces the 80 year old paper version. So much less administrative actions. This will save a lot of time, money and energy.

Less paperwork, better communication.
With Transfollow you can find besides the cmr also all other required documents online, such as packing lists. All parties are optimally informed of all agreements. This means better communication and effectively less change of errors.

New tool to manage the progress of shipments.
Transfollow allows you to follow each shipment realtime. Shippers, carriers, drivers and consignees all use the same tool and can track the entire process, such as actual loading- and or delivery-times at all times. As often has been shown in the recent past, standardisation brings with it efficiency.

We are convinced that with the digital CMR I.R.F. will improve all services and be more efficient and more effective.


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