Strategic Partnership


started with Boekestijn acquiring the Polish trucking activities from IRF.

“Both our companies have a strategy of focus on their core business. IRF strengthened its focus on shipments to & from the UK, something we are known for in the market, and have proven our high performance for over 30 years.
With Boekestijn Transport we found a partner focused on providing trucking capacity. Both of us follow a strategy on the long term and sustainable solutions, which makes this a great match” according to Antoine Ligtvoet, CEO I.R.F.. Boekestijn Transport will provide IRF with a capacity of 30 to 40 trucks on a permanent basis.

Quoting Peter Boekestijn, CEO Boekestijn Transport Service, “Sharing the same principle of continuous improvement in our day to day operations guided by a sustainable approach, gave us a good feeling from start. Digital integration to the highest level aligns the workflow of both organizations and will bring efficiency by optimizing route planning, which in turn results in less empty kilometers and thus less emissions. “

Both companies will continue their ambitious growth based on these strong fundamentals.

“We have built up experience in the ferry traffic over the last 10 years and build strong partnerships. Our 750+ trucks are daily supporting our partners fulfilling their promises. Taking over IRF’s trucking activities in Poland increases our synergies with an increasing fleet. This allows us to be more flexible for our partners and continue supporting them with first class trucking service any time of year. IRF can increase focus on their main business, at which they have proven outstanding performance and we will ensure their trucking capacity in all seasons.” Said Sjef Boekestijn, COO Boekestijn Transport Service.

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