International Road Ferry B.V.

I.R.F. has highly specialised and skilled teams in Great Britain and The Netherlands. Our business is transport between Great Britain and the Netherlands and Germany.

All trucks and their drivers are certified to transport dangerous goods (ADR) and every truck is equipped with a satellite system so we can monitor them day and night. With this system we can inform our customers every moment of the day where the goods are and what the remaining transit time is. 

All our modern trailers have a DIN EN 12642 Code XL Loading security certificate and are curtain-sided with sliding-roof and anti-theft mesh sides and roofs.

International Road Ferry believes in sustainable entrepreneurship, in which the impact IRF has on the environment and her surroundings is duly considered. With her trucks & trailers IRF wants to realize a less adverse impact on the environment.

By implementing continuous improvements and innovations, International Road Ferry pursues long-term value creation for stakeholders, while creating an inspiring environment for the employees in doing so. An environment with plenty of room for entrepreneurship and creativity.

Our Equipment

We operate a fleet of 345 curtain sided trailers from the renowned manufacturers Krone and Schmitz.
All trailers are also XL certified with vertical aluminum side boards, anti-slash sliding roof and curtains.